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Our IT Services Team in 休斯顿 Tries to Warn the World!

All Alone in The WorldIT services 休斯顿

“IT services in 休斯顿 may be the only ones left in the world,” Jerry Johnson breathed, staring at the big screen in the operations room with increasing pallor. “Reese Michaels, have we heard anything from anybody anywhere yet?” Read more

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After Failing to Destroy Managed IT Services in 休斯顿, Aliens Attack Other Cities!

休斯顿, We Have Re-Entry

managed IT services 休斯顿“Everything’s looking good, 先生,” Reese Michaels swiped like a madman on a tablet in his hand while Jerry Johnson typed at a keyboard.

“So, we’ve got Managed IT services in 休斯顿 under control?” Jerry arched an eyebrow.

“As much as we can. I got us partnered with a couple other support providers in the area. Their systems were knocked offline, but their employees weren’t; we managed to Jerry-rig it.” Read more

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The Aliens’ Attempt to Wipe out IT Support in 休斯顿 Has Failed!

By the Skin of Your Teeth

IT support 休斯顿IT support in 休斯顿 was dangling by a thread, and billions were on the line. Jerry Johnson knew 休斯顿Tech could handle the load, but he was feeling the strain. “We barely missed being taken over by these beings, Chaz! You’ve got to listen to me.” Read more