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11224 Southwest Fwy
Suite 250-3

休斯顿,TX 77031

Industries We Serve

industries we serve

Here at 休斯顿Tech, we work with a variety

of industries with a wide array of IT support issues and other tech-related challenges. Not all businesses are the same, but with years of experience, carefully planning out processes, and mastering our expertise, we have developed simple yet effective strategies to accommodate each industry’s specific IT needs. Our techniques and suggestions are customized to help our clients improve and grow their businesses.

We’ve listed some of the industries we serve below. If yours isn’t on the list yet, don’t hesitate to contact us at (832) 919-7100 so we can discuss the best IT services for your business.

  • Law Firms – We provide managed IT services to small and medium-sized law firms in the 休斯顿 area, so attorneys and lawyers can run their practice without any tech-related distractions.
  • CPA Firms – Accountants rely on technology to better execute their job. 休斯顿Tech provides reliable managed IT services to CPA firms in the 休斯顿 area, which include antivirus/malware protection service, data backup, computer performance monitoring, 和更多的.
  • Credit Unions – We offer fast and scalable IT support to our credit union partners in area within 休斯顿, TX, that meet their business needs, which often include reliable network and data management, 也 as server maintenance and performance monitoring.
  • Small Businesses – 休斯顿Tech serves all small businesses that are situated in the 休斯顿 area. We provide quality managed IT services to help them improve their work performance and grow and as a whole.
  • Doctors Offices – At 休斯顿Tech, we also offer our managed IT solutions to 医生, 也 as dentists and other health care practitioners. We make sure that their IT infrastructures are working properly, so they can do their jobs better without worrying about their computers and network systems.
  • Manufacturing Companies – We provide quality IT solutions to 休斯顿 manufacturing companies, with the goal of improving their IT so no problems will be encountered whenever they use their computers for manufacturing purposes.
  • Real Estate Developers – Our clients also include real estate developers within 休斯顿. We provide them with our secure IT services that protect their computers and other devices from intrusions and harmful software, 也 as boost their system performance.
  • Oil and Gas Companies – We offer stable managed IT services to oil and gas companies, 也, to upgrade their IT infrastructure. That way, they can focus on improving their businesses without any tech-related delays/crashes.

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